Granny Craft

We provide a variety of prepared activity kits for Seniors. Activities are a very important part of their every-day routine.  Even through our current social distancing challenges, this activity can still be done even with those limitations. Click the button below and receive a 20% Special Discount on your first order!

We are looking to connect with social activity directors, caregivers, front line heroes, or any staff member that has any interaction with the seniors in their assisted living facility.

We are always looking for new and creative activities with our seniors.  Let us help you with this activity challenge with our prepared and pre-cut kits.  Each kit comes including the necessary pre-cut materials and ready for assembly for each individual.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO PREPARE ANYTHING. 

Each group of kits come with its own instructional digital video (hosted here on our website) for a caregiver/assistant to start the craft assembly while the video plays on a device nearby. The video will clearly walk your community of seniors through the entire craft assembly with easy to follow instructions for the residents to follow along.

And let us send you a Free sample kit for your review. 

Benefits that you will value and appreciate:

  • The kits are prepared for you, materials and instructions. No buying or prepping material for the craft time. You will save yourself a lot of time.
  • Easy for the Seniors to follow along and participate.
  • Any associate can start and facilitate this activity with ease.
  • Provides a Value-added activity to your facility’s schedule.
  • Demonstrates to State Dept. and families of their loved ones the activity and giving them a heartfelt craft to take to their room or give as a gift.


To order today, CLICK HERE ,  and also receive a 20% Special Discount on your first order.